Senior Letter Writing

During this difficult time, many seniors are isolated from their friends and loved ones. Thus, the goal of this senior letter writing project is to provide residents in senior living facilities with support and engagement, letting them know that we are thinking of them. Participating in this project requires very little time commitment but can bring a lot of joy to seniors!

Volunteer to make cards and letters here!

Fill out this form and our team will get back to you as soon as possible!

Make sure to read the HIPAA guidelines linked in the form before submitting.

Sample Cards

Once you fill out the volunteer form, we will send you information with whether you're writing a letter or making a card, what online resources you can use to make cards, and what to include in your messages! Below are some samples.

senior card (1).pdf
Coral Flowers Bridal Shower Thank You Card.pdf
Lavender Butterfly Flower Quote Sympathy Card (1).pdf

Cards for Caregivers

Interested in supporting healthcare workers? Visit #CardsForCaregivers and consider making an appreciative card!