Current Projects

American Legion Veterans Outreach

  • Identify veterans in the East Bay to join American Legion Post 246 to provide community and assistance during the COVID-19 crisis

  • Increase marketing, membership, and website traffic

  • Assist with broadcasting in-person meetings

Criminal Justice Research

  • Researching police accountability and local politics using contacts from the Vera Institute of Justice

  • Exploring ways to disseminate pedagogical anti-racist curricular resources to nearby schools

Grocery Matching Algorithm

  • Created a matching algorithm script that links at-risk seniors with volunteers in the community to help run groceries

  • Employ and adapt grocery matching algorithm to aid other local organizations like Oakland At Risk

  • Currently being retooled for use by other organizations in-need of a matching algorithm

Interest Group Promotion/Elementary School Student Engagement

  • Gauge interest for interest/hobby promotion within the community (i.e. coding, STEM, literature)

  • Work with library system to implement virtual book clubs for senior citizens

  • Facilitate elementary school student virtual enrichment for locals

Local Business & Nonprofit Consulting Group

  • Student consultants local businesses and nonprofits with grant sourcing & writing, donor campaign structuring, social media outreach, and database updating

  • Current Partners: One For the World, Immigration Institute of the Bay Area, West Oakland Health Council, Building Futures, and Alliance Home Healthcare

Local Community Organizing

  • Conducted research on key local policy issues ranging from extending Contra Costa housing eviction moratoriums to ensuring a safe, full-remote SRVUSD reopening

  • Spearhead sustained community mobilization campaigns raising awareness of important policies in Contra Costa County

Mask Making Project

  • Collaborate with the South Bay Medical Masks Group to create masks with materials from JoAnn's fabrics

  • Develop sustainable solutions for fabric and elastics shortages

Mental Health Awareness

  • Research impacts to mental health during COVID-19 crisis

  • Create and disseminate infographics regarding mental health statistics

  • Planning events to bring in certified therapists and conduct Mental Health Conversations for teens and women in the community

Racial Justice Allyship Initiative

  • Compile a list of groups that are matching donated funds to Black Lives Matter organization

  • Devise prompts and informative videos to start conversations about race in homes and communities

  • Develop legislative trackers to push for support on critical pieces of legislation

Senior Letter Writing

  • Communicate with and support residents in senior living facilities during quarantine

  • Work together with other larger organizations providing senior care and hospitality services

  • Explore opportunities for senior phone call-in lines

Senior Resource Spreadsheet

  • Focusing on continued outreach to in-need users and regular updates

  • Published as a part of the senior citizen COVID-19 outreach & resource provision efforts of Contra Costa County - District 2, City of San Ramon, and City of Hayward

  • Resources reached 50,000+ seniors in the East Bay

Senior Tech Literacy Resource Creation

  • Provide briefs on different technology platforms for senior residents in San Ramon

  • Easy-to-read guides in the form of brochures and fliers

Virtual Tutoring

  • Offer a variety of tutoring including standardized testing preparation for students within SRVUSD and neighboring areas

  • Continuous outreach to educational organizations and other school districts in-need of virtual educational enrichment

Voter Registration & Turnout Project

  • Working in conjunction with Connect the Vote 2020, a Columbia University-affiliated voter turnout group that is studying the efficacy of peer-to-peer networks for turnout

  • Help CTV establish a base of "captains" who would use their social networks to determine unregistered voters among their contacts and encourage them to register

  • More than 1,000 unique voters identified

Writing Project

  • Host a writing competition for local middle and high school students in the categories of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry

  • Goal of facilitating community engagement for students through an educational activity

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